Rustic Mix Reclaimed Floorboards

Wide Floor Boards

Rustic Mix Reclaimed Floorboards

Reclaimed rustic mix floorboards with a mix of lighter shades and darker shades of well-seasoned colours which come 6” wide or 8” wide.

Pitch pine flooring

Pitch Pine Flooring

With lovely grains and colours throughout, and with the same density and strengths as oak, this pitch pine flooring is the perfect addition to any home.

eco-friendly floorboards

Pitch Pine Floorboards

Reclaimed and upcycled Pitch Pine Floorboards. A perfect mix of authenticity, durability and value, our pitch pine floorboards are finished & ready to lay.

Reclaimed wide oak floorboards

Reclaimed Wide Oak Floorboards

Our gorgeous range of oak floorboards is an excellent choice for your home. Durable, natural, unique, you can’t go wrong with original oak floors.

Reclaimed original georgian pine floorboards

Reclaimed Original Georgian Pine Floorboards

Original faced reclaimed Georgian Pine Floorboards, complete with lots of character and original antique patina – which only time can produce.

Reclaimed kentucky race course boards

Reclaimed Kentucky Race Course Boards

Talk about authenticity, these boards have been reclaimed straight from a Kentucky racecourse! They have undergone professional treatment to maintain their natural markings.

Wide antique rustic pine

Wide Antique Rustic Pine

Victorian Warehouse boards, an excellent choice for bringing your property to life! These antique floorboards are treated with perfection to retain the original markings.




Reclaimed pitch pine floorboards and skirting boards

Reclaimed Pitch Pine Floor & Skirting Boards

Unique, one of a kind, reclaimed pitch pine floorboards and skirting boards! Available with their original markings and natural knots.