Reclaimed Original Georgian Pine Floorboards

£158.00 (Inc. VAT) Per Square Yard

Original faced reclaimed Georgian Pine Floorboards, complete with lots of character and original antique patina – which only time can produce.

Square Yards (sq yd):

These original Georgian Pine Floorboards have been reclaimed with the sole purpose of ensuring their original character and patina. A very rare find, due to the unique detailing that only time can produce. Perfect for those wanting to bring true authenticity and quality to your living space – there’s nothing quite like it on the market!

Supplied brushed, sanded, and polished, we’ve made every effort to ensure these reclaimed floorboards retain their original character, whilst being ready to be laid in your home. The rarest of all domestic softwood, these really are a unique find.

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*Please note that our prices include VAT which is applicable to our products