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Discover the best prices paid for quality timber at RFUK, where we specialise in carefully restoring and repurposing high-quality timber into exquisite reclaimed floorboards and cladding. Our commitment to sourcing the finest wood from all over the UK ensures that we handpick only the highest quality timber that meets our stringent standards.

We are interested in purchasing a variety of old (100 years +) tight grain timber, including Pine, Hemlock, Pitch Pine, Douglas Fir, Oak, and Chestnut. Whether sourced from period properties, houses, old business premises, industrial applications, railways, churches, hospitals, gyms, schools, refurbishment projects, or demolition jobs, we treat all sellers fairly and honestly.

As an established business with extensive storage facilities (holding between 3000 – 4000 sq. yards on-site at any one time), we have the capacity to purchase timber in large quantities and can arrange for collection if required.


About Our Reclaimed Timber:

Choose RFUK for reclaimed timber products with timeless quality. Our range includes rustic floorboards, reclaimed skirting boards, and wide floorboards sourced from various locations across the UK. Crafted and refurbished by our skilled artisans, our reclaimed flooring and cladding promise a transformative touch for your property.


Benefits of Choosing Our Reclaimed Timber Products:


Aesthetic Appeal:

Our rustic floorboards and wide floorboards boast unmatched character and beauty. Each board tells a unique story, with an aged patina and weathered grain that add individuality, depth, and character to your finished flooring or cladding.


Environmental Benefits:

Opt for reclaimed timber to embrace the principles of reduce, reuse, and recycle. It requires less energy than processing virgin wood and contributes to saving old building materials from landfills, all while minimising your home or business’s carbon footprint.



Our reclaimed timber, having weathered the elements for an extended period, offers enhanced stability, durability, and resistance to warping. Easy to lay and built to last, it ensures a lasting investment.



Whether enriching a period property or infusing character into a modern space, our reclaimed timber, including rustic floorboards and reclaimed skirting boards, is remarkably versatile. Elevate the aesthetic appeal of any building with its unique charm and warmth.

For more details about our reclaimed timber, manufacturing process, and the advantages of using reclaimed materials, contact us at 01430 449996 or email info@reclaimedfloorboardsuk.com today. Embrace the timeless quality of reclaimed timber with RFUK.