Reclaimed Wide Oak Floorboards Kiln Dried Original Patina

Reclaimed Oak Kiln Dried

Reclaimed Wide Oak Floorboards Kiln Dried Original Patina

Reclaimed Wide Oak Boards Kiln Dried To Perfection.

Original patina and character intact! A variety of sizes available to order today.

Coming in random widths of 6”, 8”, and 10”.

Well-seasoned colours, character, and board widths.

canadian floorboards

Kiln Dried Canadian Floorboards

These antique Kiln-Dried Canadian Floorboards are the perfect match to bring character to your home.


These rare, stunning solid wood boards are from 8” to 12” wide and come sanded & ready to lay.

Georgian Floorboards

Georgian Warehouse Floorboards

Authentic Georgian floorboards with original foot-worn patina and well seasoned colouring – a very rare find!

Reclaimed Floorboards

Victorian Antique Pine

Hand-sanded and ready to lay, these gorgeous antique Victorian pine boards exude authenticity, with a beautiful character and patina. Can be supplied T&G (tongued and grooved) or square edged.

Reclaimed distillery pine floorboards

Reclaimed Distillery Pine Floorboards

Pine floorboards salvaged from an old Scottish distillery. Brushed and hand sanded using traditional methods with the aim of keeping the patina in every board we restore.

Antique random width boards

Antique Varied Width Boards

Georgian style random width boards, in widths of 7” 9” and 11”. These unique pine boards are perfect for both flooring and wall cladding, with no end of character.

Reclaimed original pine floorboards

Reclaimed Original Pine Floorboards

Perfect to add character to any home, these original reclaimed pine floorboards offer a distinct, natural look to spice up your decor.

Reclaimed square edge rustic pine boards

Reclaimed Square Edge Pine Boards

If you are looking to achieve a rustic feel for your home, these antique pine boards are perfect for you! Our pristine floorboards come in a large range of sizes, so contact us to find out more!

Reclaimed original face pine floorboards

Original Face Pine Floorboards

Brushed and hand sanded, these original pine floorboards are treated with the highest professional quality. Coming in 8″ wide, our rustic boards are perfect for your home.


Wide oregon pine boards

Wide Oregon Pine Boards

Authentic Oregon pine, reclaimed and re-sawn to provide a selection of lengths and widths – keeping it’s rich, golden seasoned colour.

Reclaimed oak in random widths

Reclaimed Oak

Brushed, sanded and finished by hand with original face and patina. These reclaimed oak floorboards can’t be beaten when it comes to bespoke authenticity.

Wide rustic pine boards

Wide Rustic Pine Boards

Rustic pine warehouse floorboards salvaged from imperial Tobacco Liverpool. Oozing with character, charm, and history, these unique boards are perfect to make your house a home.

Reclaimed pine sawn face

Reclaimed Pine Sawn Face

Reclaimed antique sawmill floorboards 6” and 8” wide boards brushed, hand sanded then polished.

Oregon pine resawn

Oregon Pine Resawn

With a golden seasoned colour, our highest quality Oregon Pine floorboards have been reclaimed and re-sawn from larger section beams.

Reclaimed original victorian pine floorboards

Reclaimed Original Victorian Pine Floorboards

Reclaimed original Victorian pine floorboards, 7” wide supplied brush sanded and polished ready to lay.

Wide pitch pine TG flooring

Wide Pitch Pine T&G Flooring

Reclaimed pitch pine floorboards which have been salvaged from Victorian churches and hospitals.