Reclaimed Square Edge Pine Boards

£83.60 (Inc. VAT) Per Square Yard

If you are looking to achieve a rustic feel for your home, these antique pine boards are perfect for you! Our pristine floorboards come in a large range of sizes, so contact us to find out more!

Square Yards (sq yd):

These Reclaimed Rustic Pine Boards are consistently brushed, hand-sanded and then polished with care. This is to ensure that like all of our other boards, they are maintained at the highest quality for our customers waiting for an authentic upgrade to their home. They are stocked in a variety of sizes from 7″ to 9″ to 11″ to ensure that they fit perfectly with any sized room in your home.

Another feature of these boards is that they not only serve as magnificent flooring, but they can also serve as an authentic and characterful alternative to some feature wall cladding, this will provide the option for them to spruce up a feature wall in any room you feel needs a revamp in your home. With unique markings and natural knots, the square edge rustic pine boards could completely transform your property, giving it the perfect natural feeling you were looking for.


*Please note that our prices include VAT which is applicable to our products.

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