Reclaimed Wide Oak Floorboards Kiln Dried Original Patina

£190.00 (Inc. VAT) Per Square Yard

Reclaimed Wide Oak Boards Kiln Dried To Perfection.

Original patina and character intact! A variety of sizes available to order today.

Coming in random widths of 6”, 8”, and 10”.

Well-seasoned colours, character, and board widths.

Square Yards (sq yd):

Reclaimed wide oak floorboards

These quality oak floorboards have been kiln-dried to perfection to retain their original patina and charming character. The final product has been achieved with the time taken to put in that extra bit of time with care and pride. They are supplied, pre-sanded, brushed, and finished by hand in order to achieve the vital objective of keeping the natural patina in every single board we produce.


The Floorboards are offered to our customers in varied and random widths of 6″, 8″, and 10″ wide, adding another natural and high-quality feature to a period oak floor. The overall charm and legitimacy of our product are achieved through a combination of their natural patina, well-seasoned colours, character, and board widths. This makes for a stunning floor for any room in any building project.