Pitch Pine Flooring

£89.60 (Inc. VAT) Per Square Yard

With lovely grains and colours throughout, and with the same density and strengths as oak, this pitch pine flooring is the perfect addition to any home.

Square Yards (sq yd):

These reclaimed 5” wide pitch pine floorboards come with lovely grains and colours throughout, yet they retain the same density and strength as oak flooring. Cut from reclaimed beams, these stunning floorboards bring a rich rustic look, alongside durability that will last a lifetime.

This fantastic reclaimed pitch pine flooring boasts a heavy heart concentration, tight grain, and rich colour – with the strength to rival the classic oak. Seamlessly and carefully cut from reclaimed bulk beams and planed to a standard thickness, this stunning flooring brings both a rich, rustic look combined with impressive durability.

Guaranteed to last a lifetime, these boards are the perfect choice for any home looking to add a little touch of character. They will look excellent, especially in a lounge or dining area.

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