Wide Antique Rustic Pine

£83.60 (Inc. VAT) Per Square Yard

Victorian Warehouse boards, an excellent choice for bringing your property to life! These antique floorboards are treated with perfection to retain the original markings.




Square Yards (sq yd):

These rustic Victorian warehouse boards are reclaimed and upcycled so you don’t have to worry about their condition. We maintain their original markings and bring out the rich array of colours by brushing and hand sanding each and every board. If you are looking to spice your property up, these floorboards are available in a 9″ wide size and are a perfect fit for any room.

Are you someone with a love for antique design? Then the Victorian warehouse floorboards are for you. Along with them comes a piece of history attached, which is simply something you can’t replace.


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150 – 220mm






Semi Sanded