Yorkshire Reclamation Yards

We know how important it is to find good quality floorboards for your home. That’s why our Yorkshire reclamation yards are specially designed to find the best reclaimed wood possible, ready to supply you.

Reclaimed Floorboards

Why Choose Reclaimed Flooring?

Reclaimed floorboards are an environmentally friendly way to add something special to your home. But this isn’t the only reason you should invest in flooring reclaimed from hundreds of sites country-wide. 

Every one of our floorboards comes complete with years of history, none of which our Yorkshire reclamation yards scub away. 

If you are looking for an addition to your home that is sure to get your guests talking, there is no better option!

Your Options

We have options to suit every home and style, so there really is no need to settle for something that isn’t perfect. We even offer a choice between flooring and wall cladding!

Victorian boards are some of our most popular offerings, but this isn’t the only option you have. In fact, we stock reclaimed flooring from Georgian warehouses to abandoned distillaries. The one thing that stays the same: the quality of every floorboard we rescue.

Contact our friendly team today to find out more about our reclaimed beams, or view our full collection of timber below.

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