Yorkshire Reclaimed Flooring

Looking for a new look for your home? Our Yorkshire Reclaimed Flooring might be the thing that you are missing!

From Oregon Pine Boards to Reclaimed Oak, we have reclaimed flooring options that are sure to add something more than a little special to your home. 

Simply let us know which boards you want, and the length you need, and we’ll make sure you receive polished, vintage boards from one of our many interesting sourcing grounds.

Reclaimed original face pine floorboards

Original Face Pine Floorboards

Behind the slightly odd ‘face pine’ name is a rustic floorboard perfect for any family home. 

To create this flooring, we hand-sand and polish the original face of the boards we create. The end result is a floorboard that is both durable and fascinatingly unique.

We know that choice is one of the most valuable things when it comes to decorating your home. That’s why we offer Pine flooring is a rustic and modern style.

And for some advice on which would suit your home best, ask our friendly team.

Our Recovery Process

As one of the UK’s leading producers of reclaimed floorboards, we’ve perfected our process down to a fine art.

And this process always starts with one very important thing: sourcing the perfect flooring options. 

These may come from a Victorian Manor house or an American Mill. Either way, they are in perfect condition to be fixed up and added to your home. 

After your new flooring has been found, we ship it back to our warehouse to be inspected. If it passes our rigorous inspection, we’ll hand-sand and polish in to perfection.

Reclaimed Floorboards