Wide Oak Planks

Wide Oak Plank Floorboards

Our Reclaimed Wide Oak Planks create perfect floorboards, due to oak having many desirable properties. It’s durable, so no matter how busy your house is, your floorboards will last. It has a unique appearance, adding character to any room. Also, as oak trees grow so large, the length of board you can obtain from them is perfect for flooring. Here at Reclaimed Floorboards UK, we offer two types of Oak Floorboards: Reclaimed Oak and Reclaimed Wide Oak, both are extremely popular.

Reclaimed Oak only uses the most characterful parts of the oak boards meaning natural knots and colour variation is present throughout. Whereas wide Oak established credibility due to its high durability and desirable appearance.

Why Buy Reclaimed Floorboards?

Our Wide Oak Planks are sourced from original antique buildings. This is made possible due to oak being extremely hardwearing and resistant to scratching as it is very dense. This allows oak to be re-used and re-purposed repeatedly.

We obtain the oak (from a tree or antique building), then the large sections are machine sawn into strips, roughly sized for floorboards. These strips are then fed through the planer, to ensure they are the same width and thickness. The planed strips are then placed into another machine where they are sanded as fine as possible. They then are brushed, sanded, and finished by hand with the original face and patina.

We hand sand and brush each individual board to maintain its authenticity, and to keep its unique natural markings, as this is one of the properties that makes oak so desirable. 

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Yvonne Coomber
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"A very helpful company, who arranged swift delivery. The floorboards themselves are truly exquisite. I am an artist demand a visual excellence. I was not disappointed and I cannot recommend this company highly enough!"
Emma Rosewarne
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"Absolutely love the boards from Old English Timbers, look great down and everyone asks where I got them. Wendy has been amazing to deal with. Originally was just going to use in three rooms but I love them so much now doing the whole house"
Lisa Costa
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"I have had a great service from them. Wendy has been very helpful and the delivery driver even rolled his sleeves up! The floor is beautiful and everything I hoped for - Many Thanks!"
Sophia K
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"My experience with this company has been nothing but first class from start to finish. Wendy handled my order from the beginning and was on hand for any minor questions I had, once the flooring had arrived I could not have been happier, the finish was exactly how I wanted it. I will definitely be using the company again."
Terry Stephens
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"Highly recommend Wendy and the guys at Reclaimed Flooring UK. The boards are beautiful and exactly as we'd hoped for."
Oliver rodger
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"Excellent product. I would highly recommend the finished article looks great. Even the delivery driver helped unload. I would suggest to anyone buying to order slightly more than you need, my floorer (I think recommend about 4% more than you would need) I would suggest a little more as I got a little close to finish. This was just down to straightining up the ends of the boards."
John Soden
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"Brilliant collection of different types of reclaimed floorboards ~ all finished to a high standard. Customer service was 1st rate ~ nothing was too much trouble."
Jane Kirk
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"Excellent product. Floor looks amazing."