Victorian Pine Flooring

Victorian Pine Flooring is just one of the many options we offer at Reclaimed Floorboards UK. Find out more about our process, and our unique floorboards, today.

Reclaimed original victorian pine floorboards

Reclaimed Victorian Pine

Floorboards used to build Victorian buildings were, and still are, strong pieces of wood. They have stood the test of time, and now offer a unique opportunity to bring some history into your home. 

Sturdy as the day it was first cut, our Victorian pine flooring offers a true conversation started. Every small nick and scrape offers another fascinating story.


Crafting Your New Floorboards

We source our floorboards from properties all over the country, and ship them back to our Yorkshire reclamation yards. 

Here, each plank is properly inspected for quality, and treated to make sure it can handle everything its new home might throw at it. 

With wood as strong as this, there really is only so much we need to do. Nevertheless, you can rest easy that we have ensured your new Victorian pine flooring will be here to stay.

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