Rustic Floorboards In The UK

In the realm of interior design, the allure of rustic charm and the timeless appeal of reclaimed materials have become increasingly popular. Homeowners and designers alike seek to infuse a sense of history and character into their spaces, and one notable player in this trend is Reclaimed Floorboards UK. Renowned for their commitment to sustainability and craftsmanship, Reclaimed Floorboards UK boasts a wide range of reclaimed rustic floorboards that effortlessly blend history with contemporary style.

At the heart of Reclaimed Floorboards UK’s offerings is their dedication to preserving and repurposing wood with a rich history. Each floorboard tells a story, showcasing the natural wear and tear acquired over the years. The character infused into these reclaimed floorboards cannot be replicated, making them a unique and eco-friendly choice for those seeking to create a distinctive ambiance in their homes or commercial spaces.

Diversity and Aesthetic

One of the standout features of Reclaimed Floorboards UK’s collection is its sheer diversity. From weathered barn wood to century-old oak planks, the range caters to various tastes and design preferences. The authenticity of these floorboards lies not only in their origin but also in the meticulous restoration process undertaken by Reclaimed Floorboards UK. The skilled craftsmen breathe new life into the wood, ensuring that each piece retains its historical essence while meeting contemporary standards of durability and functionality.

For those captivated by the rustic aesthetic, Reclaimed Floorboards UK offers a treasure trove of options. Their weathered and distressed floorboards exude a sense of timelessness, evoking the warmth and cosiness associated with vintage spaces. The deep, earthy tones and uneven textures add depth and character to any room, transforming it into a haven of rustic elegance.

One of the standout aspects of Reclaimed Floorboards UK’s rustic collection is its ability to seamlessly complement a spectrum of interior styles. Whether adorning a modern loft or a traditional farmhouse, these reclaimed floorboards act as a unifying element, bridging the gap between the past and the present. The versatility of the rustic floorboards ensures that they become a canvas for design expression, allowing homeowners and designers to play with contrasting elements and create spaces that are both visually striking and emotionally resonant.


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Moreover, the reclaimed floorboards offered by Reclaimed Floorboards UK are a sustainable choice in a world increasingly concerned with environmental impact. By repurposing wood from old structures, the company actively participates in reducing the demand for new timber, thereby contributing to forest conservation efforts. Choosing reclaimed floorboards not only grants a sense of authenticity to a space but also aligns with a commitment to eco-conscious living.

In conclusion, Reclaimed Floorboards UK stands as a beacon in the world of reclaimed rustic flooring, offering a wide and diverse range that caters to the varied tastes of today’s design enthusiasts. Their commitment to sustainability, coupled with a passion for preserving the historical charm of wood, makes them a go-to choice for those seeking to imbue their spaces with a story. From the weathered barns of yesteryear to the oak planks that have withstood the test of time, Reclaimed Floorboards UK provides more than just flooring – they offer a gateway to a world where the past meets the present in a harmonious dance of style and sustainability.



Yvonne Coomber
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"A very helpful company, who arranged swift delivery. The floorboards themselves are truly exquisite. I am an artist demand a visual excellence. I was not disappointed and I cannot recommend this company highly enough!"
Emma Rosewarne
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"Absolutely love the boards from Old English Timbers, look great down and everyone asks where I got them. Wendy has been amazing to deal with. Originally was just going to use in three rooms but I love them so much now doing the whole house"
Lisa Costa
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"I have had a great service from them. Wendy has been very helpful and the delivery driver even rolled his sleeves up! The floor is beautiful and everything I hoped for - Many Thanks!"
Sophia K
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"My experience with this company has been nothing but first class from start to finish. Wendy handled my order from the beginning and was on hand for any minor questions I had, once the flooring had arrived I could not have been happier, the finish was exactly how I wanted it. I will definitely be using the company again."
Terry Stephens
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"Highly recommend Wendy and the guys at Reclaimed Flooring UK. The boards are beautiful and exactly as we'd hoped for."
Oliver rodger
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"Excellent product. I would highly recommend the finished article looks great. Even the delivery driver helped unload. I would suggest to anyone buying to order slightly more than you need, my floorer (I think recommend about 4% more than you would need) I would suggest a little more as I got a little close to finish. This was just down to straightining up the ends of the boards."
John Soden
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"Brilliant collection of different types of reclaimed floorboards ~ all finished to a high standard. Customer service was 1st rate ~ nothing was too much trouble."
Jane Kirk
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"Excellent product. Floor looks amazing."