Reclaimed Wood Flooring UK

Are you in need of something a little a bit special to add to your dream home? Our reclaimed wood flooring might be just the thing. This unique flooring option offers the opportunity to use sturdy, beautiful flooring that is sure to last the test of time.

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Reclaimed Wood Flooring

As you may know, there are thousands of flooring options available to you. But, if you have your heart set on wood flooring, our reclaimed wood flooring is a great option. 

Not only is every board we source unique, collectively they create a feature that your guests will fall in love with. Choose between flooring or wall cladding, and sit back as we transform your home. 

We know how important choice is. That’s why we offer floorboards that range from reclaimed oak to Victorian Antique Pine. Whatever you choose, you can be safe in the knowledge that all of our floorboards have been tested and treated for durability.

Our Reclamation Process

When it comes to our reclaimed wood flooring, our reclamation process is designed to make sure your new flooring is beautiful and trustworthy. 

Once we have found boards that we love, our team goes about shipping them to our warehouse. This is where the boards are inspected for quality, The boards that don’t pass this check will never make it to sale. 

After the floorboards that meet our high standards have been identified, they are treated. This process doesn’t harm or change the aesthetics of the boards; it is only there to make sure they are durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of everyday life.

Find out more about our collection today, and start the process to buying floorboards that you’ll fall in love with again and again.

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