Reclaimed Victorian Floorboards

At Reclaimed Floorboards UK our Reclaimed Victorian Floorboards is one of the many different types of flooring that we offer. All of our flooring has been reclaimed and sanded to perfection too keep Reclamied’s high quality standards.

Reclaimed original pine floorboards

Victorian Floorboards

Our Victorian Floorboards is made from the highest quality wood and sanded to perfection to make sure it is as sturdy as it can be. 

Our Victorian Floorboards has the ability to spice up your living quarters with it’s old rustic smell, breathing new life and every mark and scratch showing it’s everlasting history. 

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Creating Our Floorboards

All of our wood is sourced from run-down properties across the country and then brought back to our reclamation yard, where it’s durability and quality is checked extensively to make sure no problem can occur in the future. 

When creating new floorboards, and keeping with our tradition we make sure that it is sanded, cleaned and crafted to perfection to make sure it is the best quality it can be. 

When done correctly our reclaimed Victorian floorboards can be used on not only floors but on walls to bring that last little spark into your home that you’ve always wanted.

With our wide range of reclaimed floorboards we have every type of flooring that you could possibly want to add into your home. 

Our beautiful boards help add that missing layer in your home that you have always wanted but never knew you needed. 

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