Reclaimed Distillery Pine

If you are looking for a unique flooring option then our reclaimed distillery pine floorboards may be exactly what you need. These floorboards have a rich history and will be a fantastic conversation starter in your home or business.

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Reclaimed Distillery Pine

Pine floorboards are often favoured by people renovating their homes. It is a very durable type of wood as well as producing beautiful patterns on every board. This means that it will not only add character to your home, but it will also last. 

All of our floorboards have been reclaimed from abandoned properties all over the United Kingdom before we transport them to our reclamation yard. The boards we reclaim are tested here for durability and inspected for quality. We do this to ensure that no problems arise from our floorboards in the future. If the boards do not meet the high standards of our quality check they are discarded. 

With our distillery pine floorboards, we use traditional methods to hand sand them to keep the beautiful patina that has developed over time. This ensures that you are receiving the best quality product from us without compromising the character.

When fully treated our reclaimed distillery pine floorboards would fit perfectly into your home. They would add a totally unique style and a small piece of history as they were reclaimed from an old Scottish distillery.

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Why Choose Reclaimed Floorboards?

We at Reclaimed Floorboards UK offer you the opportunity to bring some history and character into your home. All of our floorboards have been treated to ensure they can stand the test of time. Our products are all up-cycled to perfection so that we know that we are providing only the best quality flooring for your home.

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