Reclaimed Canadian Floorboards

We at Reclaimed Floorboards UK are passionate about providing everyone with stunning reclaimed antique flooring. Our flooring specialists travel far and wide to find only the best floorboards to restore to their former glory. With both affordable pricing and a vast variety of floorboards to choose from, why not consider our reclaimed Canadian Floorboards?

reclaimed Canadian flooring

Kiln-Dried Perfection

Bringing character to any home these rarely available reclaimed Canadian floorboards boast deep, warm tones with gorgeous authentic markings, truly a depiction of the journey it has been through. Add some more to leave your mark for the future generations!

Built to last, these beautiful Canadian floorboards are one-of-a-kind sourced from structures built in Canada over 150 years ago! Rather extraordinary to be part of recycling such historic materials in your own home.

These well-seasoned floorboards range from 8 inches to 12 inches wide with a width of 20mm thick creating an authentic look and feel once laid.

Explore our full collection, and find the perfect flooring to suit your vision for your home.

Antique Floorboards

Transform your home with these lovely reclaimed Canadian floorboards complemented by their original patina.

Completely unique to your property and incomparable to any other flooring. Restoring floorboards is extremely rewarding and recycling structures that were made to last guarantees that they are fit to last another 150 years.

Invest in flooring that will last a life time, add value to your property and make a house a home. Sanded and ready to lay for your ease.

Discover more reclaimed flooring options today, we have floorboards of all types, sizes, and colours to choose from.

reclaimed Canadian flooring