Reclaimed Beams UK

At Reclaimed Floorboards UK, we take reclaimed beams and turn them into a unique flooring option for your home. We take old floorboards and give them a new lease if life, ready to find their new place as flooring or wall cladding.

Rustic Floorboards

Reclaimed Flooring UK

Reclaimed beams can be taken from Georgian homes and distilleries and turned into conversation pieces that will last a lifetime.

Our method of sanding and treating will ensure that your new floorboards last as long as you need, while our team work around the clock to find reclaimed beams that truly have a story behind them.

Interested in finding a new flooring option? View our full collection of reclaimed floorboards below.

Creating Your New Floorboards

After we have sourced the perfect reclaimed floorboards, our next step is to ensure your new flooring won’t fade or bend. 

We sand and treat our reclaimed floorboards, adding to their durability to ensure they will last as long as you need.

After we have treated your boards, all there is to do is pick the length and width you need, and wait to see how your new flooring will change your home. 

Contact our friendly team today to find out more about our reclaimed beams, or view our full collection of timber below.

Reclaimed pine sawn face