How To Clean Your Reclaimed Floorboards

How To Effectively Clean Your Reclaimed Floorboards

First, you should aim to prevent the dirt from getting onto the floorboards, so ensure you have a good quality doormat at the entrances to your house to catch the dirt before you step onto the flooring. If you spill liquid onto the wooden floor ensure you get this up immediately because if it gets absorbed, it could cause stains or movement within the floorboards.

You should not use steam cleaners as this produces too much moisture. If you choose to clean your reclaimed floorboards with a vacuum, make sure to use a soft brush head, this ensures that the vacuum doesn’t scratch the surface.

You should aim to sweep regularly to avoid any dust or grit gathering, as this could potentially scratch the surface and dull the finish. When you mop you should use 4 cups of warm water to 2 drops of regular dish soap and mop small sections at a time, drying them immediately afterwards to prevent the moisture from being absorbed.

A top tip would also be to use two buckets of water when mopping so you can keep topping up with fresh clean water to prevent rubbing dirt and girt across the clean reclaimed floorboards, which again would scratch them.

Reclaimed Floorboards

Why Should You Choose Reclaimed Floorboards UK?

At Reclaimed Floorboards UK we carefully restore and re-purpose used quality timber into our very own reclaimed floorboards. We source the UK for the finest wood that meets our high standards, this allows us to offer the best prices on the market. For our floorboards we used a range of different timbers including:

  • Pine 
  • Hemlock 
  • Pitch Pine 
  • Douglas Fir
  • Oak
  • Chestnut 

Using reclaimed floorboards or cladding in your home will add an element of unmatched character and style. Every board is unique and tells a different story. Using pre-loved timber also has great environmental benefits as you are reusing and recycling older wood rather than cutting down more trees to produce new floorboards. Overall, reclaimed timber is a lot more durable due to being exposed to the elements for longer, making it more stable, durable and less prone to warping.

Yvonne Coomber
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"A very helpful company, who arranged swift delivery. The floorboards themselves are truly exquisite. I am an artist demand a visual excellence. I was not disappointed and I cannot recommend this company highly enough!"
Emma Rosewarne
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"Absolutely love the boards from Old English Timbers, look great down and everyone asks where I got them. Wendy has been amazing to deal with. Originally was just going to use in three rooms but I love them so much now doing the whole house"
Lisa Costa
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"I have had a great service from them. Wendy has been very helpful and the delivery driver even rolled his sleeves up! The floor is beautiful and everything I hoped for - Many Thanks!"
Sophia K
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"My experience with this company has been nothing but first class from start to finish. Wendy handled my order from the beginning and was on hand for any minor questions I had, once the flooring had arrived I could not have been happier, the finish was exactly how I wanted it. I will definitely be using the company again."
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"Highly recommend Wendy and the guys at Reclaimed Flooring UK. The boards are beautiful and exactly as we'd hoped for."
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"Excellent product. I would highly recommend the finished article looks great. Even the delivery driver helped unload. I would suggest to anyone buying to order slightly more than you need, my floorer (I think recommend about 4% more than you would need) I would suggest a little more as I got a little close to finish. This was just down to straightining up the ends of the boards."
John Soden
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"Brilliant collection of different types of reclaimed floorboards ~ all finished to a high standard. Customer service was 1st rate ~ nothing was too much trouble."
Jane Kirk
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"Excellent product. Floor looks amazing."